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What is Paytm? What is the benefits of using Paytm?

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What is Paytm? What is the benefits of using Paytm?
What is Paytm? What is the benefits of using Paytm?

Friends, if you are buying mobile, then some apps are given to you from the mobile company. Such as Google Chrome, Daily Hunt News, YouTube, Paytm, etc. So today we will talk about India's most trusted and popular app Pay-TM. So, let's know. Paytm, whose full name is "Pay Through Mobile". It is an Indian electronic payment company. 

Paytm also gives you the facility of wallet, through which you can do hours of work in minutes. With Paytm, you can do all the tasks like mobile recharge, electricity bill, gas cylinder bill in minutes from home. 

Paytm is becoming the medium of digital payments. Today, almost everyone has all the electronic devices like mobile, laptop, tablet, etc. And people use Paytm as digital payments you. And this is also giving maximum benefits to the Digital India campaign being run by the Government of India. If you are a smartphone user and if you do not have Paytm in your mobile, then after reading this article, you will definitely think that why you have not kept Paytm yet. Paytm live a cashless life. 

What is Paytm? 

Paytm is an e-wallet i.e., electronic wallet or virtual bank. You can take wherever you want. It works completely virtually. It is a prepaid service in which money has to be poured first. Then we can use this money for online shopping, online payment, bill payment, ticket booking sitting at home. And apart from this, a lot of work is now happening from Paytm. E.g.: Buying FAS Tags, etc. 

What is the Benefits or Use of the Paytm?

Pay – Do Payments 

With Paytm you can pay anywhere online. This app has been accepted by almost every online payment gateway. Therefore, you can use Paytm to make payments on the internet.

Online Shopping – Online Shopping 

The name of Paytm's shop is - Paytm Mall. You must have heard the name and made a purchase. Like Amazon, Flipkart, eBay, you can also shop online from Paytm Mall sitting at home. Here you get a lot of everything from clothes to jewelry, mobile, smart TVs and other electronic items. 

Bank Facility – Enjoy Bank Facility 

Paytm is not just a prepaid wallet. rather, the digital lifestyle is the Humsafar. which is fulfilled by Paytm payments bank. yes, yes. Paytm is also the bank. in which you can also deposit and withdraw money.
Through this bank you get all the facilities of a payment bank. you can find out more about this from our second post what is Paytm payment bank.

Recharges and Bills 

For this work, Paytm was started. you can recharge any sim operator from Paytm wallet. and you can also check the best offers and plans before recharging.

Get Money – Receive Money 

If you want to get money from somewhere, there is no need to deposit it in the bank. you can also order money directly into the Paytm wallet. all the sender has to do is give his Paytm number. 

Donate – Donate Money 

Paytm is mostly connected by public and private donors. therefore, you can also donate through Paytm. 

FASTag – Buy FASTag 

Part of the plan to digitize the toll is Fastag which has been made mandatory for every vehicle. But there is still some concession. Therefore, not everyone is using it. 
For its easy availability, it has also been made available online in addition to banks. therefore, you can also buy it through Paytm wallet. and you can recharge it from here too.

Paytm Features

With Paytm, we can do almost all the work we need today. Some of the most important tasks to be done by Paytm are the following. 

  • Paytm and Take Payment
Through Paytm you can get payments from your friends, customers. You can also send money to your friends. Apart from this, you can also pay online taxi services like Uber, Meru, Jugnoo, etc. 
  • Pay online Recharge and Bill Payments
With paytm mobile wallet, you can recharge your prepaid mobile online. You can also pay the bills of postpaid mobiles like Airtel, BSNL, Reliance, Tata, MTS, Vodafone, Ides. Apart from this, you can also pay DTH recharge, electricity bill, gas bill, water bill through Paytm. 
  • Ticket Booking 
Through Paytm, you can make online bookings for flight tickets, train tickets, bus tickets. And tickets of your favorite movies can also be booked through Paytm. 
  • Online Shopping 
You can easily make online shopping for yourself through Paytm. You can shop for top selling products on Paytm. Users are also given heavy discounts on Paytm. 
  • Sending Money from Paytm to the Other Bank 
From Paytm you can send money from your Paytm wallet to your bank account in all the major banks. And you can also transfer money easily to your friends' bank accounts.

Paytm Special Features

  • Slot booking for COVID-19 Vaccination
Through Paytm, you can register for the Covid-19 vaccine. And you can get the vaccine. 
  • Account in Paytm Payment Bank 
If you want, you can open an account with your Paytm Payment Bank and take advantage of it.  

Where you can Found Paytm App?

Paytm are available for almost every mobile platform. If you talk about mobile, then you can download it from google play-store. Paytm is available for almost every mobile platform (operating system). You can download and install the Paytm app from the Google Play Store for Android phones. If you use another mobile operating system. So, this mobile wallet is also available for them. You can download the Paytm app from the Windows App Store for Windows Phone for Windows Phone. And you can download it from the App Store for iPhone. 

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